CNG Services has won the UK Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation. The jury recognised the role CNG has played in getting ‘green gas’ into homes and companies via UK gas networks. To win the award, CNG Services demonstrated how it pioneered biomethane-to-grid technology. The first commercial connection was at Poundbury in 2012 where DMT delivered the Carborex MS 650 for upgrading the biogas to biomethane. CNG has a total of 73 projects by July 2016, DMT has delivered 12 of them! The director of CNG Services, Mr. Baldwin: “I’m delighted we’ve won this award and I hope that it will make more people aware they can now get green gas for their central heating and cooking and companies can use it in manufacturing processes or to fuel commercial gas trucks.” (read more here)

Renewable natural gas (RNG) is derived from the methane that emits from organic waste as it decomposes. This methane is captured at agricultural facilities, landfills, wastewater treatment plants, and separated municipal solid waste digesters, and then cleaned in a treatment process to produce a product indistinguishable from natural gas. The resulting biomethane, or RNG, is then either injected into natural gas pipelines, compressed or liquefied to be used as transportation fuel in the form of renewable compressed natural gas (CNG) or renewable liquefied natural gas (LNG). (Biomass Magazine, 23 juli 2016) DMT-CGS can be your advisor and producer for these technologies. DMT delivers CarborexMS and CarborexCNG or LNG, to produce high qualified biomethane and vehicle fuel.  Read more here:


DMT is an innovative, fast growing company with several offices in the Netherlands, France, Asia and the USA. The main goal of the company is delivering environmental technology which solves environmental problems and creates profitable solutions.

One of DMT’s most successful products is a technology that upgrades biogas into environmentally friendly biomethane with several techniques such as PWS (Pressurized Water Scrubbing) and Membrane technology. DMT has been one of the pioneers to commercialize the membrane technique to upgrade the biogas, resulting in a fast expertise with any type of substrate and many references around the world. The product is called DMT Carborex®MS system. (read more)

DMT Environmental Technology, a global player in the field of biogas upgrading and desulphurisation plants, acquires Sustec in Wageningen from GMB and adds the innovative TurboTec® and NutriTec® technologies to its already wide portfolio of sustainable technologies. GMB facilitated as shareholder the development of the Sustec technologies. After realizing the first projects in the Netherlands it is time to expand the activities of Sustec abroad. GMB is still focusing on projects and services for floodprotection, water quality and energy from wastewater in the Netherlands and decided to sell the activities of Sustec.
DMT-ET and Sustec share a wide range of global market segments and international customers, including municipalities, water companies and a variety of industries.

DMT Environmental Technology will be attending the fairs ExpoBiogaz, IFAT, UK AD & Biogas.

The DMT team would be happy to welcome you at the booth and inform you about the latest developments in biogas upgrading and biogas desulphurization. We have recently completed commissioning of sites in the UK, Israel, Jordan and New Zealand among others – which we would also love to tell you about.

At the booth we can explain to you all about the advantages of the different technologies over others and your specific requirements.

We would be pleased to meet you there.

IFAT Hall B3 stand 118, UK AD & Biogas stand H201, ExpoBiogaz Hall 5, B25.