B-Four Agro is a company that grows tasteful lettuce for different supermarkets in the Netherlands. With the building of ‘B4-Energy’ it aims to produce two million Nm3 green gas per year. On the 21st of October a CarborexMS 500 was placed next to the digester on its property in Warmenhuizen. In due time 1,500 Dutch households in the area can benefit from it. For input and feedstock the digester will use 16,000 tons of biomass per year, coming from agricultural waste streams from B-Four Agro and agricultural companies in the area. After digesting, which takes about twenty days, the biogas will be upgraded by a CarborexMS biogas upgrading system to pure biomethane. This green gas will be injected in the local grid to provide households as well as greenhouses and the B-Four Agro culture systems at the end of 2016. Nice detail: ‘Warmenhuizen’ stands for ‘warm houses’.

(EBA) The  new project for biomethane trade tracking was finally established at the European Biogas Association Conference, recently held in Ghent. This European Renewable Gas Registry already counts nine partners from eight countries. Mr. Attila Kovacs, board member of the European Biogas Association, explained: “The European Renewable Gas Registry has a main function of enabling the usage of the European natural gas network for the distribution of green gas.” Read more here:


A new fund for starting up biogas upgrading plants in a full-service lease contract, Biolease Nederland, has started. The lease fund was set-up by Erik Brouwer in co-operation with the NOM, DMT and FSFE. It aims to create a sustainable energy transition in the biomass market in the Netherlands, and to support agricultural companies to be able to finance and organize the most sustainable solution for their biogas upgrading possibilities. Read more in the press release here (Dutch article)

DMT-ET is a fast growing company that offers sustainable technological services to a range of global market segments and customers including municipalities, plantations, and a variety of industries, such as food and beverages, chemical and oil and gas.

Worldwide, DMT-ET is one of the largest producers of biogas upgrading facilities with membranes. Asia represents a wealth of biomass resources coming from agricultural or industrial waste streams. In some cases these streams create environmental issues. DMT-ET is the specialist to treat these waste streams in a sustainable and profitable way. By setting up an office in Malaysia DMT-ET will be locally present to offer their knowledge and expertise directly to her customers.

DMT-ET is a reliable partner with almost 30 years of experience in providing sustainable technologies in Europa, Asia and the USA. DMT-ET has 50 employees who work together to create a clear and prosperous future, in cooperation with knowledge institutes and partners worldwide.

“DMT’s new office in Malaysia, will increase our capabilities in the Asian region. The new office will allow us to boost our current activities in the agricultural and the water treatment sector.” said Erwin Dirkse, CEO.

“DMT Environment Technology is uniquely positioned with its state of the art technologies, that solve environmental issues in a sustainable and profitable way.” said Harmen Dekker, Manager Marketing and Sales. “We are looking forward to further share our expertise and technology in Asia.”

The new office is located in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

DMT Environmental Technology Asia
Suite 8-1 & 8-2, Level 8, menara CIMB
No. 1, Jalan Stesen Sentral 2
Kuala Lumpur Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Direct dial number: +603 2298 8464

For more information: DMT, Harmen Dekker, +31 513 636 789


Interested in how to safe money by reducing the waste that is generated in the food industry and also be more environmental responsible? Then read this article from foodmanucature.co.uk. They explain how waste in the food industry can be treated. As an example Wyke Farms, a cheese producer, is mentioned in this article. Wyke Farms produces dairy and farm waste. DMT Environmental Technology provided the upgrading system, the Carborex MS 1000, for Wyke Farms. The 1000 Nm³/h biogas, coming from the digestor, is being upgraded to biomethane which is used to be injected into the gas grid. (read more here)