DMT Environmental Technology appointed Stephen McCulloch as UK Business Director

As of the 1st of November Stephen McCulloch is appointed Business Director for DMT Environmental Technology to cover and further develop the UK market. The prime goal is twofold; Stephen is going to grow the market for resource recovery and strengthen DMT service ability for current biogas upgrading projects. “I believe joining DMT as UK Business Director, brings together the perfect partnership of experience and market intelligence”, according to Stephen McCulloch.

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Southeast Asian countries possess the largest biogas potential in the world. As today, the biogas can be easily treated to be used as transport or vehicle fuel. By producing palm oil, the palm oil industry has to deal with Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME). POME is very suitable feedstock for digestion. The waste can be converted to energy which makes it a very interesting business case. The biogas from the digester can be upgraded to biomethane. This biomethane can be used in the industry for boilers or as fuel. Your trucks that currently drive on diesel can easily be retrofitted or converted to CNG. This is a very economical and sustainable way of making value of your waste. Read our full publication on the best utilization routes for biogas by clicking here.

On the 29th of October 2016, the contract to deliver the first CarborexMS 350 in Viljandimaa, Estonia, was signed. This project, which will be the first biogas upgrading plant in Estonia, will be built on the property of a big farm in Viljandimaa in the south of Estonia. The feedstock for the digester consists of cow manure. Like the CarborexMS in Poundbury that marked the kick-off of building a series of DMT CarborexMS plants in the UK, this project is a pilot plant for Estonia.

Estonia is the frontrunner in Eastern European countries with high ambitions in renewable energy goals. Next to numerous investments in wind- and solar power to achieve the 2020 climate goals, the Estonian Government now starts to invest in biogas upgrading to also reach their ambitious goals in renewable fuel for transport. A program to change the public transport of Estonia to run on power and CNG has now started with an investment for the first project in Viljandimaa. The CarborexMS will be delivered in August 2017, and will produce 150 kg/CNG per hour.

The Dutch-based DMT-ET is currently building biogas upgrading plants in Denmark, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, USA, and this first biomethane production plant in Estonia. In U.K. alone DMT-ET delivered thirteen biogas upgrading plants, with extra technology for the production of BioLNG and BioCNG and fuelings stations. DMT-ET will continue to do so in her challenge to create a clear and prosperous future.

Making a smart grid for smart and sustainable energy supply has reached the next level now that for the city of Lelystad a consortium of thirteen partners have agreed to work together. Their ‘Grand Design’ for sustainable energy and infrastructure was created in May this year, and consists of three parts: making (existing) buildings sustainable, use the available biogas in the area to the best of benefits, and explore the possibilities of Bio-LNG for transport on the road and on water. DMT-ET is partner of this consortium and expert advisor with 30 years of experience in biogas upgrading, injecting gas into the grid and making fuel by either compressing or liquefying the green gas.

In a festive ceremony, organised by the ‘Dutch Financial Times’, Het Financieel Dagblad, nine FD Gazellen Awards were handed out to companies that had the biggest growth curves over 2014 and 2015. The event was hosted by DMT together with and in the building of Wetsus, center for sustainable watertechnology  in Leeuwarden. About 150 people were present to hear the presentations and get inspired to accalerate their own growth and succes. DMT’s turnover from 2014 and 2015 with the production of biogas upgrading systems and the development of more technologies for a clear and prosperous future, won the second prize for fastest growing companies in the Netherlands, Nothern area.